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Align and Restore Fitness has established the industry standard for over 30 years by delivering the finest practical fitness instruction, the most up-to-date programs, research, and trends. I offer online fitness classes and coaching services to individuals over 50 seeking an active and healthy lifestyle. I am committed to providing them with the joy to add to their lives with my result-oriented post-rehab training and chronic pain exercise programs.

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Barre above workout is one of the emerging trends among senior fitness trainers, offering outstanding body effects with a low-impact exercise accessible to people of all sizes. As an expert in online fitness classes, I employ my expertise in my Barre above program and offer post-rehab training courses with an innovative and diversified approach.

Barre above combines the finest of pilates, yoga, barre, and strength conditioning into one workout for everyone! My private fitness training allows you to feel accomplished while getting great exercise that strengthens and tones your body.

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Dancers taking Barreabove class
Older women standing at a bar taking a Balletone class
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Balletone is a continuous cardio and strength workout that combines ballet and Pilates with fitness practices to make people feel powerful and elegant. The Balletone program, like traditional ballet, lays a foundation for better posture, better body alignment, better balance, joint strength development, and precise body control.

I specialize in post-rehab training and all fitness-related coaching programs. My extensive experience and expertise help my clients in various fitness programs such as chronic pain exercise programs,  post-rehab programs, senior fitness training programs, and more. I also offer fitness programs for visually impaired people planning to regain their strength and balance.

Join me and get the certified Balletone workout and post-rehab exercise in Los Angeles.

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Pump Up The Music

Pump Up The Fun!

Pumped Up Strength™ is a revolutionary new approach to group resistance training that will:

  • Challenge your body in new ways
  • Rev your metabolism
  • Build stronger muscles
  • Increase bone density
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Increase overall caloric expenditure
  • Pump up the FUN factor of your group strength classes

Feel free to contact me for inquiries concerning Pumped Up Strength™.

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dancers taking barre for bones class from align and restore fitness
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Barre for Bones

This is a fun class for anybody, of any age, and any size or shape. No dance experience is necessary.

This class is helpful in maintaining bone health as its weight-bearing and low-impact. The class also improves balance and flexibility which helps prevent fractures and falls.

Barre for Bones is held virtually every Saturday from 11 am-12 pm PST. Sign up early as class size is limited!

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Cardio Dance Align and Restore Fitness

Cardio Dance

Do your feet start moving when your favorite songs come on?

Join me for Cardio Dance and enjoy all your favorites across the decades, including Latin music, Bollywood, and even some Broadway numbers.

No dance experience is needed. All that’s needed is some gym shoes, water, a towel, and a mat. Each class concludes with a ten-minute stretching cool-down.

Step Up To Fitness is held virtually every Monday from 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM PST. The next session starts Monday, August 1. Sign up early as class size is limited!

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